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[LAST BETA] Don't build anything if not Dig first

  • Version: Windows Pending

Hi there,

yesterday i update the new Beta and try to start many games. Every time if i try to build any construction over a terrain that i not dig before the Duplis ignore it.

I'm using the Debug mode to test the new features. Not tried to disable it but this evening try and let know if change anything.

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1 hour ago, KittenIsAGeek said:

Are they ignoring it, or is the material you're building over a difficult one that requires the miner skill to dig out first?

The problem yesterday came at start. Dig some rock to get minerals to build basic toilet or cot os simple ladder. I try to create 4 different games and close and reopen game... I verify materials and try to cancel and use another available but nothing.

Today nothing of this appened and so sorry for post. Maybe casual error. I reopen saves and Duplis start to build where yesterday don't

If reapper the problem i take screens.

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