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Karoshi - Suffocation doesn´t interrupt current tasks

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I checked the pathing / door permissions after loading my map (they aren´t saved right now).

Seems duplicants will work till they die without the use of the new "!!" priority or red alert.


Seems the problem occures if I restrict the permissions to pass through a door in one direction, that was build on an other door.

If I allow a duplicant to pass in both ways the duplicant will update his navigation and leave before suffocating.

(Right/Left isn´t swapped the duplicant will just use the pneumatic door if I allow duplicant to pass in both directions.)



Steps to Reproduce
Seems that disallowing one direction travel will make duplicants view the door as locked, if it´s on top of an other door. But more than one single door on the ground somewhere else are still used for one way travel without problems.

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