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Jukebot doesn't play in the Recreation room

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I noticed that when in a recreation room the Duplicants seem to ignore the Jukebot and idle around. Once I make the room neutral the Dupes go back to dancing.

Steps to Reproduce
Create two identical rooms, have one be a recreation room and have one be a neutral room. Place a Jukebot in both.

User Feedback

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This behavior is definitely a bit confusing, but basically the dupes won't use a recreational building they've already used recently if there's another choice available. In this case, the fallback is to mingle in the recreation room.

But if there's no recreation room to mingle in, they'll keep using the same recreation building they've already used, since there's nothing else to do.

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totally true, still, i have several recreation room, they dont play, they dont dance, not using sunny thing... only  go on phone, always.. recreated a map, still same behavior

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