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Jobs UI displayed offscreen when using UI scale

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I frequently play the game with UI scale in the range of 130% to 150%. Most UI elements in the game size themselves correctly and stay onscreen. However, pop-up text displayed by certain screens is an exception. 

The player can work around this by temporarily changing their UI scale back to 100%. However, it would be ideal if game UI would always keep itself onscreen. Alternatively, allow the player to scroll down further in the window to bring the UI elements back onscreen.


Steps to Reproduce
Using a screen that is 1920x1080, set the UI scale to 130%. Visit the Jobs menu and interact with a job that's near the bottom of the screen, such as Sous Chef or Art Student. Observe that the pop-up menu displays off the edge of the screen, making it impossible to select or mouse-over certain duplicants. See screenshot.

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