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Job never resets to unemployeed in vitals window

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Max was reassigned from Gofer to Unemployed. His resume under his bio tab updated to show current job as: Unemployed, but the status under his name in the Vitals window remains as Gofer.

I also waited until the end of the cycle, thinking that perhaps this is updated once a cycle, it never updated. He shows perpetually as gofer, even after I assign him to another role. This status has to update at some point, it's just not updating when it supposed to. Thanks Klei.


Note, there is also a related problem with changing the duplicants name. If you change the name, the name does not update in the Vitals window, ever - or was it the Consumables tab? I'm not sure, but name changes do not propagate through all the windows.

Steps to Reproduce
Change job assignments, open the vitals window, observe the job assignment not changing.

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