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Issues with running the game.

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I used to use mods but removed them prior to being put in here.

- All mods have been deleted

- Onedrive has been disabled for running

- I have no log to provide for this issue due to me stupidly deleting the appdata to see if that would fix the issue.

oni issue 1.png

oni issue 2.png

Steps to Reproduce
No idea this only has happened since the last patch & bug fix.

User Feedback

Hello Klei.Ruby as already communicated in the post the log file is simply not present as when I run the program it doesn't proceed beyond the splash screen so no bug report is generated. 

As it hangs there for time I left it for an hour & no bug report. 

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Just to clarify what I meant, the bug report page has some information that is not correct at present (it's being looked into).

I'd like to just double check that you (in addition) checked the steps in the support link I sent,
specifically for the log file (rather than just the one on the bug tracker).

Sorry for the confusion, I'd still expect that even if the game gets stuck, a log file is created.
That might give us some hints. You can terminate the application after a few minutes (rather than waiting) in order to check.



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So the log file confirms what we know but in a more concrete way.
The issue is your user does not have write permissions to the Documents folder.


If we can fix that problem, you should be good to go.
Since this is a PC/configuration issue I can try suggest things but it's not entirely clear where the issue comes from.

- If you try create a text file inside the documents folder, does it let you? Right click -> new -> text document.

- Check if antivirus is somehow blocking access.

- You can try looking at the Documents folder permissions and see if your user can read/write.

- Another potential place this can be blocked from is in Windows 10 settings menu.

If you or an app or someone else toggled this permission, it might be one potential cause (even though it says Windows store apps).
This has two toggle switches, one visible one, and one hidden under the "change" button.
You can find the setting by searching in the Settings app.




Hopefully we can find a cause.

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Attempting Recommendation 1: Success Text Document Made in Documents (see image)

Attempting Recommendation 2: Success Antivirus (Bitdefender Total Security) is allowing the program. (This was manually set when it was originally ran as the anti-virus asks if I want to give permission)  (see image)

Attempting Recommendation 3: Success This is the default profile and thus should be able to write. Permissions are verified as available. (see image)

Attempting Recommendation 4: Success The writing permissions is present for documents. (see image) 

Error simply is not accounted for under the recommendations. It must be something else at play. I reopened the game to get an updated log and have attached it below.. 

It is frustrating not being able to play the game. 


Permissions Folder.png

Document Libraries Allowed.png

File Creation Text Doc.png

Firewall Settings.png


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An interesting turn of fortune. The game is now working after reinstalling new mods. 

I didn't think of that as an option.

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