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Infinite Water

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After my Dupes emptied a source of water (with some parts contaminated water), they are still able to pick bottled Water out of this source. Again and again and again. Its infinite. Hovering with my mouse gives me: 7,5 kg, 7,5kg, 7,5 kg, 6,4 kg, 6,4 kg, 6,3 kg, 6,4 kg and 6,4 kg contaminated Water. It doesn't change. My dupes continue to pull normal Water out of this liquid. One Kilo at a time.


I add my savegame that you can confirm this. (Beware it's a dying colony... the last 5 cycles I was just sitting there and watching after my colony was already in a disastrous state.)

Starving Factory.sav

CAVE: If you use this save to confirm this bug: disable the Water Pump immediate. I discovered by testing if  my safe is working another bug... It'll be in a separate post.

Edit: It's not enough to disable the Water Pump (it takes to much time). Deconstructing a pipe will do the trick.

Edit 2: It's not working out of a save (I just thougt at the first moment)... I'm sorry... But the Bug worked for 5 Cycles...

Steps to Reproduce
Crate a source of clean water. Add contaminated water (e.g. let a dupe vommit out of stress in your water). Let your dupes use this water source. After your normal water is empty, dupes will coninue using this water source infinite.

User Feedback

I dropped some contaminated water on a water-less surface and the dupes were sucking 1000.0g water from it infinitely.

Same bug?

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Mine was doing the same thing. No matter how much I removed from the body of water, it always stays at 1000kg. The game has been going for 20 cycles so far and the issue still remains. To be honest I didn't even notice it for 8 cycles. I dont have a pump or anything connected to this water source. Just a ladder leading down to it.

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