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  1. I had exactly this once too. After restarting everything was fine, so i did not give it much thought after that.
  2. In debug Mode the Starmap and Local Map should be revealed. If you disable debug everything switches to normal. In my game if you disable debug my Starmap is revealed and if you enable debug my Starmap is unrevealed. Edit: Validating of gamefiles fixed it. Systematic Friends.sav
  3. Crossover?
  4. There is a tile with 0 gramm of 0K Steam in my colony. (5 tiles to the left are about 9 tons of 102 °C steam on 1 tile, surounded by 170g of water)
  5. Melt the ice. Send a dupe in. Revealed. Thats a bug known from pre-early-access.
  6. My Nikola clings to the Triage Cot after being healed and gives a 'trapped' anouncment. He peed himself earlier, while not in full health so maybe he was not able to leave then too.
  7. There is a thing at the edge of my map dropping 200kg stacks of Almagan Ore. It is in the not explorable darkness.
  8. My scout rover loaded himself into a cargo bin and continiued to load the bin from within.
  9. I noticed that Pacu can't swim through walls that are not build jet.
  10. I did a bit of morb studying. Morbs eat chlorine and fart contaminate oxygen. Morbs run through hydrogen and fart contaminate oxygen. I am pretty sure they do not consume it. Either they should not fart or they should consume it.
  11. I don't know if this is the intended behavior, but if you build something ugly out of beautiful materials it will be uglier. Meshtile: Decor -5 Copper-Meshtile: Decor -5.5
  12. I dropped some contaminated water on a water-less surface and the dupes were sucking 1000.0g water from it infinitely. Same bug?