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  1. Pacu Pathfinding

    I noticed that Pacu can't swim through walls that are not build jet.
  2. Infinity water pool

    Duplicant of
  3. Morb farting issues

    I did a bit of morb studying. Morbs eat chlorine and fart contaminate oxygen. Morbs run through hydrogen and fart contaminate oxygen. I am pretty sure they do not consume it. Either they should not fart or they should consume it.
  4. Decor more ugly

    I don't know if this is the intended behavior, but if you build something ugly out of beautiful materials it will be uglier. Meshtile: Decor -5 Copper-Meshtile: Decor -5.5
  5. Infinite Water

    I dropped some contaminated water on a water-less surface and the dupes were sucking 1000.0g water from it infinitely. Same bug?