Infinite Oxygen in space

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1. put some oxygen in a spacefarer module

2. send one or 2 dupes in space with Atmo suits on

3. after a while there is no oxygen in the suit so they hold their breath ... then they remove the suit and catch up their breath ... but no oxygen is consumed nor dioxide generated in the room

Notes :

The fact that they continuously hold their breath does not seem to stress them a lot because i traveled to the end of the world like that with 0 stress

- The oxygen consumed (and dioxide generated) should be higher when a dupe finally catch up its breath than what he usually do ; or it's just worth

- Think the atmo suit should just fall on the floor when it's "worn out" or dupes should not be able to eat or ...whatever they do in bathrooms ... with atmo suits on ; meaning if they wear it for more than a day it should be taken of somehow 

- "exhausted" dupes have -20% stress ... so i dont do beds anymore in space ! neither than bedtimes

Doesn't feel right.

Damn i love this game ! Gj guys

Steps to Reproduce

1. put some oxygen in a spacefarer module

2. send one or 2 dupes in space with Atmo suits on


User Feedback

This "problem" has been there for years as far as i remember, first time i did hear of this has been from the you-tuber Brothgar years ago. The problem is that dupes that catch up there breath do not consume oxygen (and do not ex-hail carbon dioxide) , this is always the case not only in the space fairer module or in atmo suits. The same can happend every where in the game and also happens with oxygen mask, i do think it also happens with the lead suit and jet suit but i have not tested this because i never use these.

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