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Infinite Loop

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I couldn't figure out why my ship wouldn't launch, so I started watching them load the oxylite.  Watch the attached video and you will see what is going on.  The dupes are infinitely loading the oxylite.  Prior to this loop I notice that they were only delivering, what I call packets, from the storage containers of the amount that was loadied.  So the refinery would put; 10 kg, 10 kg, 10 kg, etc in storage and the dupes would pull out 10 kg, 10 kg, 10 kg, despite the balance(prior to the recording) being a couple hundred kg(I would expect them to pull out their carrying capacity).  At some point they were only delivering 9.8 kg packets.  

It feels like there is a rounding error or something.  Like the ship sees 1036.99999, or something, but the packets being delivered aren't filling that gap to 1037.  I don't know, that was just my first thought.  

I paused the game in the middle because I thought they finally fixed it, but they didn't.


Steps to Reproduce

I don't know how this started

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