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Infinite igneous rock and dirt, where magma meets contaminated water

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I dug out some abyssalite that was separating magma from contaminated water. Now, where the two meet, igneous rock and dirt are spawning infinitely at that spot. See this video:

The magma is not losing any mass, so I don't know where the igneous rock and dirt are coming from. Also, I saved and loaded, and after a few seconds, dirt started infinitely spawning again, but not igneous rock. Good luck!

The Not-So Rosy Homestead.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Let magma meet contaminated water.
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User Feedback

I think this definitely relates to contaminated water being evaporated, I had a similar incident occur. However, I removed all water and all objects on the tile that is spawning dirt and it seems to be infinitely spawning dirt out of thin air.

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Yep, that explains the dirt, but not the igneous rock. The magma mass was not decreasing, which is why I showed myself mousing over all of the magma tiles individually.

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