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Infinite digging loop

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Ordered dupe to build pneumatic door, can't build because there's an invisible non-destroyable sandstone block in the way

Steps to Reproduce
1. Order dupe to mine a group of sandstone blocks 7 high by 11 long. 2.build a tile floor 11 long in the air dividing the set of blocks mined above into two rooms, 3 high by 11 long. 4. Build a lip down 1 tile at the very edge of the two divided rooms, creating a gap 2 blocks high. 5. Place a pneumatic door blueprint into the 2 high gap, and order a dupe to construct it. If done correctly, should have the same effect where the dupe tries to mine a block that isn't there to finish constructing the door.

User Feedback

Encountered this too, usually when building long ladder down, loading the game seems to get around it.

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