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I LOVE oxygen not included

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I LOVE oxygen not included.

Please do take into account that my complaints that will inevitably appear in this "bug report" are because I love ONI, not hate it.

I have performance problems with ONI severe enough that my experience is very strongly diminished.

Currently, I have 700 cycle, 42 dup base. I play on speed x1, or pause.

Rendering is very often choppy. I do not like it, but it is not a problem.
When I try to select a building, for example door, it takes 0.5s-1s to actually react. It is a problem.
When I try to select something from my building palette, for example mesh tile, it takes some to actually select it.
When I try to build on speed x1 response from interface is delayed. It is a problem.
However, on pause I can build without any delay.

My computer does use a lot of CPU. Dupes in the same spot a continuously re-rendered. I assume everything else is too.
Is it possible to somehow trim down on refresh, trading it into interface responsiveness?


I am very satisfied with performance of physics simulation library (libsimDLL.so).

The two threads that are running it (one that runs UpdatePressure(), and the other one that runs UpdateTemperature())
consume tiny % of CPU.

But somehow other threads ruin the performance.
It is unexpected, that while my CPU usage is at 60%-70% of max (as htop says), actual experience is so weak.


Is there something I could tweak to get better interface responsiveness?

Are there some guidelines about designing base that cut down on path-finding, task seeking, pipe rendering overhead?


Salt Cycle 711.sav

Steps to Reproduce

No comments here.

User Feedback

You didn't mention anything about your system.  CPU, memory, video card, etc...  I see you mentioned htop, which tells me you are using a Linux variant, which I have never used for ONI.

I am running on a pretty old Win 7 Pro computer: 3.5GHz i7-3770k (not overclocking at the moment), 32gb, a GTX 970 at 2560x1080 and a better-than-average SATA SSD.  When my 1560 cycle colony with 24 dups is paused in the background, my CPU usage is 20-22% and memory usage right after restarting and loading is about 5gb (it was over 8gb when I restarted it though).  I see no performance problems except if I am looking at the energy tab of a my main heavy wire (showing instantaneous usage and production) and try to pan the map.  Then it gets choppy.  Otherwise, it runs great even at the fastest speed.

There doesn't appear to be any disk load - at least while paused, so unless you are out of memory and swapping, your hard drive or ssd shouldn't be the cause of your performance issue.

It is very surprising that my 1560 cycle save file takes a full 58 seconds to load and 11 seconds to save, but what really blows me away is that it takes a full 92 seconds to "go to the main menu" from within a game!  It is literally 10 times faster to quit and re-launch the game to get to the main menu!  I'd say there is definitely room for improvement there...

For comparison, my 1766 cycle 30 dup colony took 63 seconds to load, consumes 6.4gb right after loading and 17-21% CPU while paused.  My 587 cycle 10 dup colony took 30 seconds to load, consumes 4.4gb right after loading and 18-21% CPU while paused.

I would love to hear other people's load/save times and their computer specs...


Just noticed that you uploaded a save file.  When I loaded your file (711 cycles 43 dups), it took 73 seconds, consumes 5.6gb right after loading and 11-13% CPU while paused in the background.   Scrolling around your map for a minute while paused caused the memory usage to increase to 6.7gb, and paused CPU to increase to 13-16%.

Hope that helps...


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In my case I never re-load game. It is 3 times faster to quit game and load from fresh.
I can propose an explanation for that: when game is loaded for first time, intricate layout of objects is created. When re-loading, these objects are not dropped at once, but are gradually deleted, increasing ops and CPU cache thrasing.

I am trying to squeeze maximum possible performance from i7 2.3GHz 4core/8ht,  16GB ram.
I have GT650M. Do you think there is a dependency between gpu and performance problems?
Actually, I installed linux ubuntu on this computer specially to play ONI. For some time it performed better then on Win10, but somehow it has
leveled now, and graphics on linux is far inferior. Still, it is much easier for me to inspect process on linux then on windows.

I have not observed any disk IO when I play.

Best regards,


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