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Hydroponic Farms Dropping Piped Water

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Sorry if my english is not optimal, i speak Spanish.

So, i've noticed that in This Save, when i continue, some of my Hydroponic Farms will Drop Water (Bottled) that is in the Pipes behind them5a9ef93c8eafc_WaterGlitch.thumb.png.2618dfcaa006ff0806d10eea184e2e28.png

As you can see there is water on top of them and the pipes on them are empty, however, the ones that aren't stay the same

As far as i know it only works on water, you don't lose any of it, it just appears on top of them

Here's the glitched save file, all tough i don't know if it's unique to this file, or is present in all save files.

Water Glitch.sav

Steps to Reproduce
First i put Sandstone Pipes on Regular farm tiles, then i deconstructed them and replaced them with Hydroponic Farms and planted Mealwood (All though i don't know if this is necesary or even matters). I am uncertain as if this bug can be replicated reliably.
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If I recall correctly, one of the recent updates altered farm tiles and hydroponics to automatically empty themselves of resources that the plant they contained didn't need. This was to prevent stuff like polluted water or other liquids that made it into the wrong hydroponics from ruining an entire farm.

You've planted mealwood there, in hydroponics, but since mealwood don't need irrigation at all, the water just ejects as it gets pumped in.

Take a look, it's possible I'm mistaken, but this seems like the hydroponics are working as intended.

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