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Hydrogen generators lowering heat around themselves

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I was experimenting on cooling hydrogen generators with residual hydrogen from an electrolyzer when I came across a very strange bug. Everything seemed to be working well but after saving and reloading my three generators (made of gold amalgam) started to lower the temperature of their immediate environment to exactly 75°C, (which corresponds to the overheating temperature of a machine made of something other than gold amalgam). This happens as long as they are active, if they are deactivated the heat loss stops. I would also like to point out that the hydrogen used as a cooler entered the room at 90°C, and the room where the generators were located was perfectly insulated. So there was indeed a heat deletion bug.

Here's the save file : Tests 2.sav (Please don't mind the other structures, just focus on the small rectangular room with three hydrogen generators and loads of radiant pipes inside of it)

Steps to Reproduce
Build a hydrogen generator in an enclosed room filled with hydrogen. Build some radiant pipes behind the generator so you can feed it with hydrogen and cool it at the same time. after you power it up, save and load and the bug occurs.

User Feedback

Known bug / hack they added a while back to prevent boiling oil with the liquid heater.  It is also why you can have an AETN delete an unlimited amount of heat by running it at 75 C, or there's been a few threads on using batteries at their overheat temp to delete heat.

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Oh, I see. Let's hope that the devs will find another solution to get around this problem, because this one is a little sloppy in my opinion.

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