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Hydrogen Filters with Oxygen?!

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I made an Electrolizer room with a Hydrogen Generator. I captured both substances via a Gas Pump, and with a Gas Filter, I selected Oxygen as my filtered gas output.  I sent the Oxygen back to my base, and the Hydrogen went to my Hydrogen Generator.

I assumed that everything was awesome: Everything is cool when you're part of a team. When I checked on my gas interface, I noticed that some Hydrogen was going through the Oxygen filter. Now my base is depressurized and isn't receiving enough Oxygen. I'm about to abandon another base. Is this a bug, or am I dumb? I checked the filter, clicked on Oxygen, and I think my pipes are correct. Are they?

I cry everytim. 

Oxygen Not Included - Hydrogen Bugs.png

Steps to Reproduce
Recreate my Electrolizer room, and set up your pipes like I did. I hope this isn't a bug and somehow my mistake, but I've triple checked my setup.

User Feedback

Not dumb,  but the way you have it set up would do that.  You need to make the filter send only hydrogen through using the middle spout and everything else will flow through the end,  so just swap your pipes around. :)

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