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Hungry dupes eat before starving dupes. Starving dupes with more calories eat before starving dupes with less calories.

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This is a real micromanegment issue.

The problem comes down to having a food production with is just enough to feed the whole colony (no buffer calories in storage)

I attached a quite extrem colony with 10 Starving dupes. It is possible to micromanage this colony to get to atleast cycle 67 without any dupe dying. This requires that the dupes eat in order of available calories. 

(cycle 67 is the cycle i played up to now and had to micromanage food again; so I didn't play any further yet because it really becomes a hassle to check which dupe is currently scheduled to eat)


a) Either give the player a proper way to assign a specific food item to a dupe or

b) show which dupe is going to pick up a (food) item (so i can manually select them to send them away; currently i have to switch through all dupes to see that info )

c) Just let the dups eat by calories as priority if starving.


Steps to Reproduce
a) Have barely enough foodproduction (Storage -> 0 cal). b) Have a lot of dupes. c) See dupes die because they dont eat in calories order. Bonus: Food warning is not scaled with difficulty eg. 24 dupes on ravaging hunger give a warning of 24 kcals missing instead of the really necessary value of 42 kcal / cycle Even better: Have a starving dupe sleeping see him never get any food because waking up takes time and another dupe is going to schedule eat -> Starving dupes get back into bed and never eat.... Some with starving dupes on hamster wheels.. they want to get out to eat but because it takes time they never get to schedule eat before another dupe....

User Feedback

Changed Status to Known Issue

Changed Redmine to https://redmine.klei.com/issues/4437

Agreed, this is a problem. It touches on some core AI functionality so there isn't an easy solution, but we can definitely try and make managing the situation less bothersome. Thanks for bringing up the issue and for the save file!

I'll also take a look at the food production notification.

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