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Hidden priorities for phobic duplicants

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Ruby shows Disallowed on the errand priorities because she is Gastrophobic (cannot cook); however, she can still perform cook tasks such as cook supply as shown in the screenshot. I was confused as to why this was showing up as High Priority in her "To Do" List and found that if you set the cook errand colony wide priority to high, her priority will become high even though it still shows disallowed.

Two solutions:

  1. Disallow all potential tasks for a phobic duplicant. In this case, Ruby would not be able to perform Cook Supply because of her Gastraphobia.
  2. Show the priority and allow the player to select the priority for phobic traits. In this case, allow me to change Ruby's errand priority directly as she still can perform Cook Supply

The Incredible Space Hut.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Have a phobic duplicant, change colonywide priority, observe priority changes in phobic duplicant even though priority shows as disallowed. See description for more details :)

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