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Help! A black hole ate my game!

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Every time I launch the game it says Help! A black hole ate my game! I have already verified integrity of game files, uninstalled even deleted folder saves,and re-installed the game several times I bought it in beta on steam when it first came out but have checked every-time I played that the game was up to date. I've asked the Discord for help and no one seems to know what to do so I'm reporting this bug because I'd love to plan the new updated and the upcoming complete game but is it going to make me buy it or have a friend buy it for me and gift it? I'd like to avoid that anyone have any way to fix this please let me know

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What antivirus software do you use? Try to disable it just for a few minutes, and try again (maybe offline with steam in offline mode).Maybe this is interfering with something. Something prevents the game from working as expected.

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i have Bitdefender. I've tried that too no luck i read it somewhere to try that was what i tried after i uninstalled the first time

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