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Heavi-Watt Wire priority ignored IF placed over top of existing wire

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When replacing standard wiring with Heavi-Watt wiring, the selected build priority is ignored and placed as priority 5 regardless of your selection.

Symptom does not exist when placing Heavi-watt wiring on a tile for which there is no pre-existing wiring.

Steps to Reproduce
Have pre-exisitng standard wiring. Select Heavi-Watt wire and desired priority. Run the Heavi-Watt wire over top of existing wiring and then re-check the priority. It will default to '5'.

User Feedback

It's the same for liquid and gas pipes, and for conductive wires when you replace one of those preexisting type with another one, the priority level is set to 5.

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