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Heavi-watt joint plate loses connection to coal generator.

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On placing a coal gen to connect directly to a heavi-watt joint plate (see screenshot) the connection is not recognised unless one orders a build of heavi-watt wire from the connection point to the generator, through the plate to the wire beyond it, then the connection is recognised without any build being necessary and the small piece of heavi watt wire which does place on the connection is not needed for the joint to function and can be cancelled.

On reloading the client after shutdown however the connection breaks again and the process as above needs to be repeated.

I would expect the connection ought to be made between the joint plate terminal and the coal gen power point if they are colocated in the same square.


Steps to Reproduce
Simply place the coal gen ready to connect with a heavi-watt joint plate as shown in the supplied screenshot "coal_gen.jpg"

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