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heat transfer & germ transfer appear bugged

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I have this space colony on cycle 381. Both heat transfer and germ transfer seems not to be working as intended. I can only see the effects in solid tiles, but that doesn't mean it's only affecting solid tiles:

Heat transfer

Here is my cooling plant. Hot pwater on the right (regulated below 115C using a sieve, not shown), cold petroleum on the left (regulated to -40C with two of those 5 ATs)


I expect the inner layer of insulated tile to be cold on the left, hot on the right. And the outer layer of insulation to be closer to air temp in the surroundings. But that's not happening quite as expected:


Cold is only transferring downward, and hot is stranger.... Only SOME tiles of insulated igneous rock are heating up, but there's no pattern to it. On the hot side, inner layer tiles are sitting anywhere from 30C to 60C and stable.

I'd expect to be able to visually see a gradient from hot to cold.


I wasn't really SURE this was something new, but then I found an example provided kindly by the worldgen. This cold biome has a broken abyssalite layer, and it never melted. There's a single tile of CO2 gas at 140g separating a hot biome from the cold biome. I discovered these tiles before cycle 100, but I only just now (cycle 381) started going to repair the boundary. So it should have started warming up by now. But, there's almost NO temperature gradient.



Something also broke germ transfer, and I think these two mechanics might come from some common place, so I'm combining them into one report.

Germs grow on slime but never move from one tile to another. They just stay put at the population limit until I dig them up.

Example, I've had auto-disinfect turned off for at least 100 cycles. Here's a regular tile constructed on top of some slime. Normally I'd see the germs move up onto the platform, but not anymore.


Those germs are locked in place.

Here's my savefile, but you can probably just generate any world and look for cold biomes with incomplete abyssalite layers.

The Prosperous Burrow Cycle 381.sav


Steps to Reproduce
you can probably just generate any world and look for cold biomes with incomplete abyssalite layers. Or, look at the save.

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