Heat and Temperature problem when liquid flows vertically and transfers heat(Verson AU-219035)

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There exists a bug in liquid heat and temperature when liquid flows vertically that the total heat of the system loses during flowing(Verson AU-219035). By using this bug a player can cool quantities of hot water from steam geyser to room temperature easily, so it will have a bad influence on the balance of the game. Here I'll show you 2 examples on how to make use of this bug.

Case 1:

1.There's a pool of hot water in 363.15K surrounded by insulated tiles and vacuum, put some dirty water and water like i do in the next 3 pictures.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

2.put some of water in low tempterature on the 3 top positions and they will flow down.(I used 1000kg 280K water)5.jpg

3.You will see this when pressing F3. 6.jpg

4.repeat this several times and you get a pool of cool water. (I repeated 3 times and cooled the water to 294K )


9t 280K water cooled 132t 393.15K water to 294K. That's impossible in real world's thermodynamics, so there is a bug in heat transferring.

Case 2

1.Prepare insulated walls, vacuum surroundings and cooled ladders(granite for high heat compacity and conductivity).

Water is 393.15K, ladders cooled to 251.9K21.jpg

2.Pour hot water from above. First level of the ladder were heated to 358.8K.


3.When the water level reached the 2nd level of ladder, there will be a sudden drop of temperature in water.24.jpg

As you can see in the pic, the temperature suddenly dropped to 313K and if you lower the flow rate of water the temp change will be larger. Apparently 200kg of granite ladder cannot absorb so much heat, so a large quantity of heat just VANISHED during the heat transfer process. Players can use this method to cool hot water with low flow rate easily.



Steps to Reproduce
I write the whole process down in the description part because in this part you cannot insert pics. Just do as I do in the description part you can easily reproduce the bug.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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