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Grooming errands not being generated

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There is a bug where critters get locked into a glum state because errands to groom them stop being created for some reason. I finally stumbled upon it with a save nearby that reliably reproduces the bug.

Load TestBefore.sav and select the hatch of age 50 with 0.6 cycles left in it's groomed status.


When the groomed status runs out, no new errand is generated to groom the now glum hatch.


The interesting and hopefully helpful bit is that a save from a few moments after the above save doesn't trigger the bug. TestAfter.sav 

The difference between the saves as far as I can tell is that a hatch in the ranch dies of old age.

Here is a previous bug report:


Steps to Reproduce

As post describes. Load both saves, one triggers the bug, the other does not.

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