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Gravity defying water!

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So iv gotten this strange water physics bug.

Water seems to cling to the walls were it should be dropping.

This isnt exactly game breaking but it gets drawn to the side sometimes when dupes pass through it.

It also seems to have a strange effect that some resource on the far side of this anti-grav water seem to come in and out of play.


In the picture you can seem the places where the water has been hooked into.

Also i know about the watermark xD


Steps to Reproduce
Make water pour down walls. Mine occurs from an ice biome.

User Feedback

I don't see anything out of the ordinary unless that drop of water below the dupe doesn't fall down.

If you think of water as real life water then yeah it will look weird, but if you think of water zoomed in and as big blobs of stuff then that's pretty much how it would act. It's a technical limitation sadly so not sure what they can do about it without increasing the requirements and/or extensive R&D.

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It does just hang there is the thing.

If you look closely you can see droplets falling from the mass which is what i had grown to expect.

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