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Graphics freeze at random intervals. Game continues in background

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hi guys,


just got the game on steam as a gift. I have bug report. for me the graphics display stops updating anywhere from before the menu to the menu to the game. last crash was in game after about 5 mins or so. but the interval appears random. it has also crashed on the splash screen before the main menu.

at first I though it was a hang but when it happens in game I can still click and etc an hear my crew digging and so on but the display is just a static image.

have included DXdiag and game log. there appears to be a repeating error in the game output log. I checked the known issues but I didnt see this one. 



Steps to Reproduce
Anytime during game play/splash screen/main menu the graphics image goes static but game play mechanics/keys/sounds etc carry on.

User Feedback

I got the same bug. I bought the alpha version in April, but this problem has been around since early March or maybe earlier.

This is may help you. Open up you "task manager" click on the "Processes" page. Then start Oxygen not included up. When your at the main menu Alt-Tab out of the game and enter your task manager. End anything Steam related. Go back to your game. This might keep the game from freezing so quickly.

But this doesn't help everyone. One minute in and it freezes on me. The game eats up a bunch of Memory, over 2,000MB on my computer...

Anyway, I hope this helps you and that this bug gets fixed soon.

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