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  1. Memory Leak is a know issue for this game
  2. I got the same bug. I bought the alpha version in April, but this problem has been around since early March or maybe earlier. This is may help you. Open up you "task manager" click on the "Processes" page. Then start Oxygen not included up. When your at the main menu Alt-Tab out of the game and enter your task manager. End anything Steam related. Go back to your game. This might keep the game from freezing so quickly. But this doesn't help everyone. One minute in and it freezes on me. The game eats up a bunch of Memory, over 2,000MB on my computer... Anyway, I hope this helps you and that this bug gets fixed soon.
  3. When I start a new game or continue a saved game, the game's screen freezes within less than five minutes of play time. I can still click around but I don't know what I am clicking and I can hear the clones working. The screen never un-freezes. In my "Task Manager" the game is using nearly 2,000 MB of memory. The game will also crash on me before I even get to the main menu. output_log.txt output_log.txt So I upgraded my Laptop from 8GB to now 16GB, thinking that this extra memory might keep the game from freezing so quickly. But lo and behold.... the game freezes just as fast. Nothing has changed.