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Glass Forge no recipe

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Im at the endgame i  used times ago the glass forge for   making glass from sand but now that i need more glass i cant make becouse it looks like i  ve no recipe....  no idea how is possibile i ve try to reload but nothing   i also tryied to rebuilt the forge even with differents materials but still nothing , ant hints?


I discovered that i was runned out of  sand  ,  when i mined something   it showed again   , by the way i think even if  the ingredient was  missing is  still a bug that the recipe  disappear so i  keep this thread


Steps to Reproduce
Run out of sand

User Feedback

You ran out of sand. The glass forge cant use regolith. And in the current build, recipes vanish from the list, if you dont have the materials. Just get some sand somewhere, and the recipe will be there again. Its a know bug, that will hopefully be fixed soon.

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