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Glass forge content exchange heat with environement

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Hi !

The molten glass made by the glass forge reacts with the environnement.

That makes us unable to extract molten glass without damaging pipe when forge is very slightly flooded, undepending piping material. Because a building soaking into a liquid exchange heat much more faster than into gas only.

That way, we're unable to cool the forge using liquide on the floor. Also, a lot of heat is transmitted into the environement that way.

I think it could be wise to copy the metal refinery property : the liquid inside should not react to environement, especially when it doesn't stay long inside the building, wich is almost every time the case with the forge.

Thanks in advance for your action :)

Have a nice day

Steps to Reproduce

Drip few kgs of crude oil on the floor of the forge. Make it work. Any pipe will instantly break, from radiant thermium to insulated insulation.

Mop this crude oil, use gas environement only, make it work, any insulated pipe will not break anymore.

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