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Geysers Forcing Liquid into Airflow Tiles When Over Pressure

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I've encountered an issue with geysers continuing to emit liquid when max pressure has been exceeded, and in my case, capable of bleeding into airflow tiles.

I have a hermetically sealed salt water geyser which behaves as expected, becoming over pressure once the magic tile exceeds 500kg.


A cool slush on the same planetoid, which is allowed to offgas, has continued to emit P.H2O beyond 500kg.  Although difficult to see, the airflow tile above the magic tile is filled with P.H20.  During activity, the geyser forces liquid into the airflow tile and creates a repetitive cycle of the airflow background filling up to 500kg P.H2O, blocking geyser emission, and then receding into the lower tiles.


Without a continuous heavy draw from consumers, the geyser will overflow as seen here.


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Encapsulate a geyser, having an airflow tile directly above the magic tile.
  2. Allow the geyser to become over pressure from normal activity.
  3. Witness what should not occur: the airflow tile becomes filled with liquid.

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