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germ sensors don't work

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I've been tried to use the germ sensor to re-route germ water to a different pipe, but germ water keep slipping through the "clean water" pipe (even using a buffer to try to avoid "timing" issues)



Steps to Reproduce
I've done the filtering by settings up a germ sensor in the pipe, with 2 liquid shutoffs connected to that pipe the automation goes: sensor -> buffer -> liquid shutoff -> not -> liquid shutoff I've added the buffer with the hope to improve reliability, but even with 5 seconds that didn't work. I've considered the idea of using an additional liquid shutoff before the sensor but that's not doable either because of the bug where the "germ counter" doesn't reset to 0 when the pipe is empty :(

User Feedback

The piping is wrong. You should not use a T-junction here. Because at least one drop of water will still go in the wrong direction. The buffer is also redundant.

All you need is one shutoff connected to a sensor. Just remove the shutoff on the left with its input pipe and connect a pipe from the right shutoff with the left output like that:




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