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Gaseous Matter Conversion

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When gases race to vacuum tiles, one gas gets converted to another.  I'm assuming this was an intentional design choice. Unfortunately, this bug can be exploited in tons of ways. I've been compiling a list of these ways on R9MX4's bug report page, but he recently hid it. Here is a link to one page where I have kept lots of examples. 

The problem is not just this build.  Here are some other issues that commonly appear in the forums.

  • My steam geyser spits out hydrogen instead of steam (false, the steam is converted to hydrogen by matter conversion because of tiles becoming liquid and leaving behind a vacuum). 
  • Where did my chlorine go?  People build pits of chlorine and slowly sublimating slime or PW eats up their chlorine.
  • CO2 can be scrubbed from the bottom of your base using a waterfall, or using PW bottles and deodorizers. 
  • Many other issues (wish the old bug post were not gone - a shame - I'm guessing you can find hidden posts). 

Steps to Reproduce
Any of the things above will work. The bug shows up all over the place, and causes confusion on a regular basis in the forums.
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