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Gas Pump Won't Pump

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I am using the electrolyzer to create my oxygen, but didn't want to deal with the hydrogen. I made a gas pump right above the electrolyzer to separate oxygen and hydrogen to discard in a different place and to send oxygen to my duplicants. There is one problem: THE GAS PUMP WON'T PUMP!


(excuse the bad quality, but you can clearly see "not pumping")

Very irritating that i can't give my duplicants oxygen without hydrogen being everywhere. I believe the hydrogen is at a sufficient pressure to be accepted by the gas pump (and there is no void in the intake), so i can't think i did anything wrong.20170311215702_1.jpg

Please fix this so my colony can actually live. Thanks!

Steps to Reproduce
Create an elecrolyzer with sufficient water to pump and electricity. Place a gas pump directly above the electrolyzer to "catch" the hydrogen and oxygen being produced. Create a gas filter to separate the oxygen and hydrogen. Direct hydrogen and oxygen to different places. Observe as the gas pump does NOTHING!

User Feedback

All of the connections lead to a vent, and overpressurized vents will still accept gas. 

On 3/12/2017 at 0:33 AM, Risu said:

Not Pumping means it has nowhere to pump to. Check all of your connections.


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