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Gas Permeable tile with Liquid insite of it.

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So I was messing around with water and freezing/smelting ice, and I found out that liquids can get insite of gas permeable tiles (tiles that should stop liquids, right?). Probably because I deconstructed a liquid pipe insite of the gas permeable tiles.

I don't know how to add the save file, but if someone explains me I will add it.



Steps to Reproduce
No exact steps known. I have two possibilities: I was freezing/melting water on top of the tiles. I was also breaking liquid pipes (with liquid in them) that were placed insite of the gas permeable tiles.
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User Feedback

There was previously a problem where liquid could move through the tiles from the sides but not from the top or bottom of the tiles. i think they fixed it in the most recent update.

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