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Gas filer deconstruct bug

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I have a gas pump pumping gas.. obviously.

I place a gas filter in line to test if it still flows without power.

It did not.

I deconstructed the filter and selected to build plain insulated pipe to replace it.

As soon as the 'order' was placed gas started flowing through it.

Nothing game destroying and to be honest I'm surprised the game is as bug free as it is considering its in alpha!


Steps to Reproduce
Build a gas filter with no power and pump gas through it. Deconstruct and place order for insulated pipe

User Feedback

You can insta-connect adjacent (but so far unconnected) pipes, given that they're already built.

Most likely this is because a tile can contain one pipe (or none) and the pipes itself remember which adjacent tile they're connecting with - you just updated the connection part.

Which leads me to the thought that we should have a way to disconnect adjacent pipes without having to deconstruct them, would be helpful when placing filters onto an already built line.

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