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Gas deletion in 2 pump electrolyzer setup

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During tests 2 pump electrolyzer setup I noticed hydrogen deletion.

Electrolyzer  was working 100% of the time so it should produce ~67kg of hydrogen. I prepared a special storage to measure produced hydrogen - it is in upper right part of the build from the save file. Please run the electrolyzer for a one cycle and you will see that stored hydrogen is around 60kg only.

gas deletion.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1. Run electrolyzer setup from the save file for a once cycle. 2. Check amount of stored hydrogen in storage - it is only ~60kg instead of expected 67kg.

User Feedback

You can also compare Hydrogen : Oxygen quantity and check vs 888:112 ratio. I also tested it, showing results and save game files in the 4th page of this thread:


The result is 1-3% deleted Oxygen(compared to report), I'm not sure about Hydrogen, as it's not shown in the report, but you can see that H2:O2 isn't 888:112, so something is not right.

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