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Gamepad/steamdeck shoulder trigger behavior unfocused on cursor

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I am a Steamdeck player. I observed a change in behavior in the latest Fast Friend update.


Gamepad behavior with regard to R1/L1 shoulder trigger is tied to actions bound to mouse scrolling, namely scrolling  menus and zooming in/out. This update changed something.


The current behavior seems always focusing the triggers on the last opened menu or submenu. It is much more intuitive if the focus is on the menu where the cursor happens to be, as it was the case in the previous version.


Steps to Reproduce

When a build menu is active (say, Base buildings) and when the mouse cursor is on the map, these triggers used to zoom in and out the map, but now the triggers instead scroll the building menu up and down.

The previous behavior was much better. As a player, when my cursor is being on the map, I am building things so I expect to move around and zoom in/out.



Same story when a build menu is active, and a submenu for selecting the building material is active, and the cursor is on the build menu: the triggers will scroll the submenu for material, when I am actually trying to scroll the building menu to select another building.

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