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Game won't launch

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When I hit the play button this happens:


OxygenNotIncluded.exe has stoped working

I currently have 64-bit Windows 7, 16 GB of RAM, and an i5 processor.


Steps to Reproduce
Just trying to launch the game

User Feedback

34 minutes ago, Cheerio said:

Could you please try installing the VS 2015 runtime? You should only need the 64 bit version.

I already had it, I tried reinstalling it but still the same.


Ok it seems that I'm having problems installing it or it was corrupted. Still don't know how to fix this

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We had this happen on a machine at work. I fixed it by doing a combination of running Windows Update and repairing/re-installing the runtime a couple of times. I was never sure exactly which step fixed the problem but eventually it installed cleanly.

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