Game video freezes, audio continues Unmodded

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Starting on cycle 12, the game has been freezing, the image is static, but the audio continues and it sounds like the game keeps running in the background. Using space bar causes audio of duplicants to halt or continue. Has occurred on this one save at least 6 times, twice after updating my Nvidia drivers and performing a full restart. There's no single action I'm taking when it crashes, as it has happened when I'm doing nothing, or ordering a mess mopped up, etc. Game won't generate a crash report, or if it tries, I can't navigate the menus blind.

This is the exact video freezing issue I ran into in late August when I first purchased, and later refunded the game as there was seemingly no help coming.


Attempted fresh save after verifying game files. Reached cycle 18, crashed twice more.

DxDiag Nov 1, 2019.txt


Burgeoning Space Hut.sav

Data Shack.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Occurred on or after cycle 12, multiple actions were being done, no obvious cause. Edit: Reached cycle 18 before crashing twice, once while giving no commands, second time while building tile. Duplicants may have finished a research or gained skill up based on audio cue, can't confirm due to video freezing.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Added hopefully all the files you were looking for. Save files should be in order of my having played them.

4 hours ago, klei.ruby said:

Hi, could you post the log once the game crashes?  This page will tell you where to find it.

If you have one of the saves that is crashing you can also attach that to help figure it out.



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The video freezing issue is getting worse. Twice yesterday I hit cycle 3 before it froze. Today, at cycle 6, it froze, and I can't even resume the save, as it freezes within seconds. Trying to cancel a build errand and panning the camera with the keyboard, caused the video to freeze. 



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Apparently, following a suggestion by a Klei Ruby, I down scaled my graphics to 720P from 1080P, and my crashing issue cleared itself up.

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