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Game tabs out when clicking in lower right area of the screen

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When I click in this general area, which is in a red box in my image attached, it tabs me out to my desktop. The glitch happens in game and in any menu.

Which means I can't click a number of options when an "information window" comes up in game in that general area (I'm not sure what those windows are called exactly). The priority buttons right below the red box are still accessible in game however so it is a very localized area. 

I've not been able to find anyone else online with an issue like this one so it might be rare or a conflict with another program on my PC. It makes the game almost impossible to play because some options in the menus in that area are not tied to hotkeys.

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Steps to Reproduce
clicking in the right corner inside the area of the red box

User Feedback

Could it be that you have some application, like a messenger, mail client, whatnot, that does display notifications in that area? 

Theymight do some trickery to show them in front of everything which fails with ONI in full screen, but the OS might still think that the notification is what you see in that area so it'll direct any click toward it - leading to ONI being kicked from full screen...

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Can confirm it happens to me but this also happens to me with other games and applications. I think its a major Windows 10 crap feature that they haven't fixed yet (I wonder if Microsoft will EVER fix this crap).


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