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Game instantly crashes when rockets return.

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The game instantly crashes whenever my rockets have returned from space. Specifically, the crash happens right as the landing smoke/fire animations are ending but before my duplicants are ejected from the command capsule.

Because of this glitch/crash, I am forced to load a save prior to when the rockets had been launched. Otherwise my game will continue to crash over and over without letting me past the cycle where my rockets return. This means I've had to redo many cycles and hours worth of work each time I experience this. Very frustrating.

This glitch seems to happen about 25% of the time when I launch my rockets.

Rocket Glitch.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Step 1: Launch rockets Step 2: Wait for rockets to return Step 3: Rockets "return" and game crashes (I have a hunch that the meteor shower happening at the same time as the rocket is returning might have something to do with it but I don't know)

User Feedback

It's happenning with me too. Just the rocket is trying to land having onlythe command capsule. I think the dupe forgot the remaining parts at the planet :D

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