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Game Freezes

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When I start a new game or continue a saved game, the game's screen freezes within less than five minutes of play time. I can still click around but I don't know what I am clicking and I can hear the clones working. The screen never un-freezes. In my "Task Manager" the game is using nearly 2,000 MB of memory. The game will also crash on me before I even get to the main menu.




So I upgraded my Laptop from 8GB to now 16GB, thinking that this extra memory might keep the game from freezing so quickly. But lo and behold.... the game freezes just as fast. Nothing has changed.

Steps to Reproduce
Open a new game and wait five minutes.

User Feedback

Yes, I have this same problem, I start out fine with new games, then as i keep playing and saving It gets to the point where I no longer can even play the game, it is randomly eating up all my memory and freezes the screen. Everything else works fine, sounds, clicking people moving about but the screen is frozen and I have to Ctrl, Alt, Delete and exit out through task manager. People on other forums say it might not be enough RAM but others commented and said they have 8gb up to 16gb and they still have issues as the cycles progress. If I can run Skyrim and Dragon Age then I think I should be able to handle this game -_-

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