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Game Crashes when starting previous save date within gameplay

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Anytime I am playing the game and someone dies I try to go back a day, OR MORE, and the further back the date I pick, the higher the percentage of a chance of crash. I was once or twice able to load "yesterday", but the game crashed every time I picked a day before "yesterday," A.K.A. the previous cycle. It's even crashing my entire computer a portion of the time. The most recent crashed actually locked my computer and I don't even have a password. It's happened on or around day 14, day 30-somethings, and day 40-somethings. When the game crashes a split second of sound loops, and the screen goes black or it freezes on the options menu in game play.

Steps to Reproduce
Play the game like normal until several days into the game. Press escape, choose a date before current date and then click load.

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