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Game crashes soon after spawning geyser

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Hey all, I am experiencing a consistent crash in ONI.


Crash report.


My setup: Blank text file labeled debug_enable is located in the correct directory according to steps outlined by the wiki. All of my mods are currently disabled, the issue is persistent when I create new colonies, restart my PC, etc. I'm not sure if this is relevant but I do own and currently have installed the Spaced Out DLC, though I have not created any colonies using it.


The crash happens when I use debug mode to spawn in geysers of any sort. Enabling/disabling sandbox mode, debug menu (backspace) and instant build don't appear to have any effect on it.


I don't believe this is a resource issue like running out of RAM or maxing my video card, I have 32GB of RAM and a 3070ti.


Steps to Reproduce

Spawn geyser of any kind into game.

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