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Game crashes on displaying clothing

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Closed

When I click on the Exosuit Forge or clothing fabricator or other clothing maker and select a clothing, it tries to display a dupe wearing that clothing but can't find Personality 0. This doesn't happen every time. Seems like the personality is sometimes not initialized.


Could not find Personality: 0x0

  at UnityEngine.Debug.LogError (System.Object message) [0x00000] in <72b60a3dd8cd4f12a155b761a1af9144>:0 
  at Debug.LogError (System.Object obj) [0x00000] in <fa50cdddb14a483d94f547557a674a42>:0 
  at ResourceSet`1[T].Get (HashedString id) [0x00000] in <fa50cdddb14a483d94f547557a674a42>:0 
  at FullBodyUIMinionWidget.SetDefaultPortraitAnimator () [0x00000] in <d13cbb0b55a94ef09bb55c2436a6b8ee>:0 
  at SelectedRecipeQueueScreen.RefreshMinionDisplayAnim () [0x00000] in <d13cbb0b55a94ef09bb55c2436a6b8ee>:0 
  at SelectedRecipeQueueScreen.ToggleAndRefreshMinionDisplay () [0x00000] in <d13cbb0b55a94ef09bb55c2436a6b8ee>:0 
  at SelectedRecipeQueueScreen.SetRecipe (ComplexFabricatorSideScreen owner, ComplexFabricator target, ComplexRecipe recipe) [0x00000] in <d13cbb0b55a94ef09bb55c2436a6b8ee>:0 
  at ComplexFabricatorSideScreen.ToggleClicked (KToggle toggle) [0x00000] in <d13cbb0b55a94ef09bb55c2436a6b8ee>:0 
  at ComplexFabricatorSideScreen+<>c__DisplayClass36_1.<Initialize>b__1 () [0x00000] in <d13cbb0b55a94ef09bb55c2436a6b8ee>:0 
  at Util.Signal (System.Action action) [0x00000] in <fa50cdddb14a483d94f547557a674a42>:0 
  at KToggle.Click () [0x00000] in <fa50cdddb14a483d94f547557a674a42>:0 
  at KToggle.OnPointerClick (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData eventData) [0x00000] in <fa50cdddb14a483d94f547557a674a42>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (UnityEngine.EventSystems.IPointerClickHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute[T] (UnityEngine.GameObject target, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData, UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents+EventFunction`1[T1] functor) [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule.ReleaseMouse (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData pointerEvent, UnityEngine.GameObject currentOverGo) [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule.ProcessMousePress (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerInputModule+MouseButtonEventData data) [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule.ProcessMouseEvent (System.Int32 id) [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule.ProcessMouseEvent () [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.StandaloneInputModule.Process () [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
  at UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem.Update () [0x00000] in <0b23117e1c7442f8b1842fe2f3bf6fcb>:0 
Build: U44-535842-S

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open the exosuit forge menu

2. Click on a copper atmo suit -> game crashes (sometimes) because it can't find personality 0x0

User Feedback

that crash is related to the mod bio inks, the personality change nuked it from orbit and since then aki could not fix all new bugs (afaik it took him >50hrs to make the mod function again)

Edited by SGT_Imalas
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