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Game Crashes after ~18hrs if a ribbon reader or writer is used.

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I've been using the ribbon cable as well as the readers and writers ever since they were released in the Automation update.  I'm in the habit of leaving the game running 24/7, but ever since the update, the game will always crash (without exception) by the next day (After checking the log files, it seems to always have been after around 18hr of uptime).  Just to be clear, this bug will not trigger if the game is closed and relaunched at least once per day.

The following makes no difference, and the bug will still trigger:

  • If the pause menu is up or not.
  • If the space menu is up or not.
  • whether mods are enabled or disabled.

I've attached a text file with a compilation of the assert messages shown in the play.log after the bug is triggered.  I've taken only the first five asserts of each session, as the same one is repeated indefinitely once the bug is triggered until I close the game (Resulting in 1Gb+ log files!).  Note that while I have mods enabled in the log file snippets, I've tested twice without them, and the bug still triggers.  I don't mind collecting some logs with them disabled if required.

I've also attached my save file in case there is something else going on (I haven't tested for the bug on a new game yet).


Cheeze.sav PlayerLogAssertExamples

Steps to Reproduce

Open attached game file (or make a new one, and build a ribbon reader of writer).  Pause the game, and leave it running overnight.  The next day it will have crashed.

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