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Game crash while startup with translation

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not sure if game problem or something in my translation file... so:
1. I started editing my translation from vanilla game to DLC.
2. Translation file was updated from .POT file from latest game build (U37-484114-SD)
3. mod_info.yaml file modified to:

supportedContent: ALL
lastWorkingBuild: 0

4. In base game, this translation works corectly:












5. When i try to enable DLC, game after restart crash (error message attached):screenshot_88.thumb.png.da721a8f1f33fb3d2132498ebbe3e9a3.png

6. After game restart, game is in English, translation is not visible in languages window, but is in MODs window as "not compatible":

Steps to Reproduce

Try to run DLC game with enabled my translation...

User Feedback

помогите пожалуйста я не понимаю что делать вродебы проблема таже но изменение русификаторов и их удаление не помогло помогите прошу


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