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Game Crash when Sweepy drops off material to full dock.

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Sweepy dropping off material to full dock crashes game. 

Some other things I noticed:

  1. After Dock is decontructed, sweepy stands in place as intended. building new dock doesn't make new sweepy but sweepy won't return to work.
  2. Sweep command on sweepy does nothing as containers don't have option.
  3. No tooltips for how close dock is to being full.
  4. The colored inventory bar on dock doesn't show anything when game is loaded.
  5. No clear way to get a dupe to manually empty dock 

Another way I stopped the crash was setting an empty storage container to accept all on yellow alert, which all my dupes emptied the dock and the game continued.


Edit: Fiddling and testing around with the game, I noticed that the Dock is only supposed to contain 1000 Kg of material. I had a second dock with 10.1T of material in it. I have a feeling that the crash is from the pre-update that allowed sweepy to fill the docks way beyond their intended value. That might account for the colored bar not showing a value.

Sweepy Dock Full.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Pay attention to sweepy below coal generators below main base. Without intervention, as soon as Sweepy returns 2200g of crude oil to the dock with 3311.5 Kg of material, the game crashes. rushing dupes to destroy dock allows the game to conntinue past that point. Even rushing a mop job and only leaving sweepy with ~1080g crude still crashes.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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