Game always crashes! Update: appears fixed!

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Edit: Appears fixed!!!

New update came out this evening, and appears to have fixed the problem (both the new base and preexisting base).I can't speak for the gent who commented, but appears good for me. Thanks guys!


*original info below*



After picking up the July 4th update, savegames immediately crash to desktop. I think I've seen some tiny updates this evening, but i'm still seeing the crashes.


I had an existing base that would crash the moment it was unpaused after a load. It was about 600 cycles in and had lots of stuff built, so no idea what causes it. When it crashed it would freeze up for a moment then cut back to the desktop.


i created a new base this evening, and it keeps crashing on day 17. It freezes up and does not respond, eventually requiring killing the task in windows.

I'll attach the save file for the latest one. There is no " output_log.txt" file in the directory described.

(windows 7, 16gb ram, AMD phenom II X6 1055T processor, NVidia GTX 960, not a ton of free harddrive space atm if that matters)

The Sneezing Ladies.sav

Steps to Reproduce
At this point, if the save is loaded and allowed to run (with no commands given) it will crash reasonably quickly -- before the end of the cycle. I believe it is crashing the closed-loop plumbing system is completed. Typically it crashes when the selected pipe is completed (see link to steam pic), although if that pipe is completed before others, then it will crash when the last one is done. At least, that's what it appears to be, I've done it maybe 3 or 4 times.

User Feedback

I think the first line of my description may be unclear. When I said " savegames immediately crash to desktop" I meant "existing saves crash immediately when the game is unpaused after reloading. Crash takes us to desktop, without the error log screen appearing."

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18 hours ago, Aurelian said:

game always crashes after loading or until the end of the cycle , even if I do nothing, cycle 107

I'm not sure if you get updates when I edit the original issue, but you might double check the problem. I got an update early tonight that appears to have fixed it.

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