Functioning flushing toilet suddenly considered "out of order"

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Playing the game regularly, I suddenly see dupes starting to make many messes, when before it was maybe once every 50 cycles.

As you can see in this image, Catalina (and other dupes) have a full bladder but think it is broken.

The toilets are assigned to public and are filled with 5000g water and 0g polluted water, connected correctly to plumbing.

It started suddenly. Save file is attached.


Burgeoning Spacerock.sav


EDIT: Removing the toilet and placing it again fixed it, but I'm not sure what caused it in the first place, so the bug report still stands.

Steps to Reproduce
I don't have steps to reproduce, as it started spontaneously.

User Feedback


Are those 2 toilets all you have? For 17 dupes? Then the problem could be, any dupe, somewhere, is assigned to the toilet already, while the dupes in front of the thing cant use it, because its occupied. 

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Yes. I have 2 toilets for 17 dupes. They are on shifted schedules with 4-5 dupes per schedule. As I mentioned, I've only had maybe one or two accidents in over 500 cycles. It's not that.

I also tried assigning the toilet specifically to one dupe, and they still won't use it. If there was no toilet, the message wouldn't have been "toilet out of order" but something about no toilet available. Also, doesn't explain why suddenly all my dupes couldn't use it.

Removing and rebuilding the toilets fixed the problem.

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.... ....

I've loaded it again, and the dupes still have "toilet out of order" exactly like in the picture above. So I'm very surprised you say you see nothing wrong.

Are you running any mods? I'm running none, unmodified game, no developer option, nothing.

Are you on Windows? Steam version?


(About the base, I designed the center area and kinda winged the rest... considering it's my second colony there was a lot I didn't yet experiment with. When I eventually make a third, it would be cleaner for sure :))

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